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my recent submission to the econsultation.ie re RTÉ & FTA

I would like the BAI to look into the continued encryption of RTE on Digital satellite television platforms like Sky in Ireland.I have written about the subject in a less formal exploratory way on my blog site and others. Here are some links to those posts.


Here are some of my points.

Why has RTE been allowed to enter an agreement that has our National TV on digital satellite encrypted by the key holder BSkyB to their paid up customers only. I don’t want a partial fix of FreeView cards for Ireland, I want my National service which I fund, off the encryption system that BSkyB provide for free to RTE to prevent FTA viewers inside the footprint of Astra 2D see Digital RTE TV.

Noel Dempsey, Fianna Fail, RTE (their Board and Audience Council) and ComReg are you able to interfere with The Ryder Cup and not with RTE on Sky. At the moment I am funding a 16:9 wide screen digital format for subscribers of Sky, while I see scratchy 14:9.

I read that the Audience Council sets a standard for itself and RTE, one of many “High quality schedules available to all (i.e. free to air)”. So which bit or byte of the NDS encryption system that encrypts RTE signal into Ireland is FTA (free to air), No bits, its RTE failing its own tests, again.

And then RTE have the wonderful idea to introduce DAB 10 years too late on technology 16 years old and mpeg2 DTT on its way without an owner in sight except Dempsey and his BT tests, when HD mpeg4 is current 2 standard.

RTE in the early 1990’s wrote about the need not to have one dominant key holder to the crypto, alas they caved in to the mini dish, since then the public service must carry channels IN THE UK have made moves to go FTA and most of them are either FTA or were invested in by $ky. So now we have the really odd situ that BBC is FTA in the UK with 8+ TV and interactive streams (not to mention radio) all free on a Britain & Ireland footprint and RTE is encrypted. Also every ITV region except ireland’s TV3 is fta digital satellite.

RTE is a licence funded Irish radio & TV service and it should be free to see & hear in Ireland what ever the platform….. RTE should follow BBC ITV Film 4 and make its output freely available to all.