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Healthy Vegetarian Diet – 7 Tips on How to Eat Less Meat Now

If you are new to a Healthy Vegetarian Diet, then please don’t think about all the things that you will give up, think about all the new dishes and flavors you will discover. There are many things that you can substitute that either taste the same as meat, or come very close to it.

Never been to an Indian, Thai or Chinese restaurant? Well, now is the time to go there and get surprised by the vegetarian dishes they have.

1. Have A Good Reason: Now, I am sure that you already have a reason, otherwise you would not take a new diet into consideration. If you are doing it out of health-reasons, take you time again to read through everything that explains all the positive health benefits that you will have by abstaining from meat.

If you are doing it out of animal-rights issues, then deepen your understanding of that. This will help you “deepen” your conviction of reducing meat or becoming a vegetarian and it will help you to keep on track.

2. Commit To It: At times your new diet will be inconvenient: at parties, travel, dinner with friends and family or going out to eat. At these times you really have to stay committed. A good way to do that is to tell as many people as you know about your new diet choice.

Tell your friends, family, post it on Facebook, twitter it, blog about it and buy lots of stuff for your new diet. This will help you keep on track, because this will make it more embarrassing if you fail.

3. Tie It To Another Goal: When I went vegetarian I was in a stage of my life were I was searching for some universal truths. Finding out that being vegetarian is being propagated by various religions and philosophies really gave me a sense of doing the right thing.

Also my “simple” thought that “I love animals, so why do I eat them?” gave me another goal that I wanted to follow: doing the correct thing… Connect your change of diet with something greater then just changing your diet. Maybe, loosing weight or wanting to run a marathon. Find out with what goal you could connect your new diet with.

4. Step By Step: You can quit at once, as I did, or slowly phase your meat-eating habits out. If you quit at once it might happen that after a while you fall right back into your old habit’s, because the change might have been to radical for you. Your taste buds need time to adjust, and to slowly start enjoying your vegetarian dishes.

Now, if that happens why don’t you try to phase out the meat step by step? Quite first with the red meat, then after a while (set your own pace), stop eating pork, then quite eating poultry. Once you have done that, and you feel fine with that, let the fish live.

If you want to become vegan, now is the time to substitute your regular dairy products with substitutes. One product after another. Don’t worry about the time this might envolve: keep the big picture in mind, your goal: a Vegetarian or Vegan diet.

5. Set Small Goals: What you could also do is set small goals first. Be vegetarian from Monday to Friday, or just the weekends. Or set a goal for being vegetarian for 10 days first. See how you feel after those 10 days.

I know that you will experience some positive changes, and with this experience in mind set your next goal for 20 days. Do this on and on until you you decide with your heart and mind that from now on there will be no more meat in your diet. Take a look at this blog: 30 Days to Success

6. “Fail To Plan And You Will Fail”: You need to set up a meal/recipe plan. Around 20 years ago I stopped eating meat from one day to the next, without planning anything. Instead of meat I just ate more cheese. As you can imagine that was not a good choice and soon enough I gained more weight.

You can’t just live on hamburger buns and fries, and you shouldn’t just live on spaghetti with tomato sauce neither. It’s just not healthy. Makes sense, right? You need to find recipes and plan meals that, on it’s own, are designed to be meatless.